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September 18, 2013, Twelve years of blogging

Dear Lord, it's been a dozen years, to the day, since the first post on this blog. Where does the time go?

September 17, 2013, More bad stuff

John Cole gets right to it on "the national debate" after the D.C. Navy Yard shooting which left a dozen victims (plus the apparent perp) dead.

The national consciousness will, of course, "move on," like it always does. But this sort of thing seems to be happening more and more frequently.

And yes... it is because we are becoming a more crass and violent society at every level (starting with the rotting fish head at the top as he proposes another pointless war against someone somewhere, because his overlords in finance demand it), as we promote violence in every last corner of the world that we don't already occupy. And yes, it is because of our national perverse, one-off attitude toward private gun ownership (Second Amendment my ass... the rest of the Bill of Rights is now "optional"... this is the one we give a sh*t about?). And yes, it is because of a simultaneously failing economy and ever-increasing stress level. Note the victims so-far identified are in their 40's and up-- the workforce is aging, even as young people have fewer prospects. And finally, yes, it is because we consume most of the world's output of psychotrophic drugs; it is extraordinarily unlikely that an autopsy would not reveal large quantities of anti-depressants, anti-anxiety meds and God knows what else coarsing through the veins of the shooter.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along...

September 11, 2013, Once more... with feeling.


Because September 11th only comes once a year. It's only been a dozen years... indeed, I've been blogging for all of them... and yet, it all seems... so long ago when I got put out of my office a block from the WTC by the morning's events, which seem ever more a distant memory (though I was there), and yet, the perpetual underpinning of what America has become.

Ah... just a dozen years ago... back when things like the Bill of Rights seemed so... relevant. When it wasn't my college classmate (twelve years ago, a political non-entity in the Illinois state senate) and now, the President of the United States. the alleged Muslim socialist radical arch-liberal who used the occasion of this 9-11 Eve to propose murdering Syrian civilians himself in retaliation for Bashir al-Assad murdering Syrian civilians...

And today... a primary race in New York, to finally replace Mike Bloomberg, who was pretty much elected mayor a dozen years ago... because of 9-11.

Well... just saying... enough musing from me... happy 9-11 everybody.