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December 19, 2004, Improved Customer Relations in Government

That would be the Chinese government, of course, which announced (via this week's visit to our friends at Beijing's People's Daily) that measures are under way to weed out incompetence and corruption among the cadres in China's vast government bureaucracy.

Very interesting, of course, in an authoritarian one party state; but as China's vast middle class becomes more vast, its ability to demand responsive government services will only grow. Does that mean people become somewhat less demanding as their economic and social plights... worsen?

Hmmmm... Let's just say that here in America, of course, we will not be bullied by much of anything. The people have shown in our most recent election that Americans do not tolerate corruption and incompetence. We demand them.


A continuing battle in China. Remember what Clinton said. "Always remember what a ntaion fears most". In China's case it is civil war and a breakdown of society.

Posted by ExpatEgghead at December 19, 2004 11:29 AM

I suppose this is where I say I have more respect for an age of capitalist barbarism than for one of capitalist decadence.
China is impressive, on all levels. The damn bureaucrats as much as anyone.

Posted by seth edenbaum at December 19, 2004 7:22 PM