The Talking Dog

January 12, 2005, Shameless Self-Promotion Alert

The gang over at Wampum have nominated this blog for a much-coveted Koufax award (blog most deserving of wider recognition); last year, you will recall, we were up for "best non-liberal blog"... yes, I know.

Well, right now, things are looking grim for this blog in that category at press time, so for those of you care enough to vote for this humble source of screeds and rants, well, you will have my gratitude. Those of you willing to contribute to the mammoth dollar cost that Wampum is incurring to run this annual contest, please contribute generously.

You will have their gratitude as well.

Comments, hell, I'll vote for ya, TD. Just the fact that you've graduated from "best non-liberal blog" (what the hell was that about?) to the "deserving more recognition" category would seem to suggest you've been welcomed into the inner sanctum. What with Ruminate This apparently heading into that last steep dive and Lisa English apparently unable to step in and effect repairs because of her alien abduction and me having to hit the silk and start over from scratch at that thing I slapped together on a whim last year, I'm obviously not going to be voting for me anytime soon... the way, thanks for stopping by...

Posted by Jack K. at January 12, 2005 10:34 PM