The Talking Dog

April 16, 2005, Pravda Pot Pourri

We'll start our slightly overdue visit to Pravda (belayed by exigeses on the Communist Manifesto no less!) with this Steve Darnell piece sure to re-open wounds associated with the Schiavo case.

And then we get the yan to Mr. Darnell's yin in the form of David Hoffman's unbelievably ambitious essay "I am a loser", which I insist that you read now... here-- click on this. Read it.
All I can say is, I hear you, Brother David. I hear you.

Check out this story on Kyrgystan-- not on the political upheaval there, but on a literal landslide which may cause an environmental catastrophe as having unleashed spent nuclear fuel rods-- a story I predict will not be widely reported in Western media. The kind of story the Bush Administration has no interest in you'all knowing about, while it proposes expansion of nucular energy as part of its "domestic energy independence" scheme.

It's a big, topsy-turvy world out there. A world where the former voice of the Soviet Union is now one of the dwindling number of sources on which we can rely to tell us what's going on here...