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May 16, 2005, Holy Shiite...

Your talking dog has been quieter than usual thanks to his ongoing computer problems (which translate to: "I haven't gotten round to replacing the dearly departed ex-computer") and am on a... borrowed terminal! In other hobby news, your talking dog ran down and back to complete the Delaware Marathon , which cooperated with unseasonably warm and humid weather for the fourth such marathon in a row (note to self: consider carefully before running such event in region of large glaciers without packing scuba gear...)

So, how 'bout Newsweek and its story of Guantanamo Bay Gulag Guards flushing the Koran down the toilet? Now the magazine seems hellbent on some kind of a non-denial denial, amidst a general retraction. One wonders where this story will go. As you'all know from firsthand sources that you have read on this very blog, it is almost inconceivable that the Newsweek story is NOT true: disrespecting Moslem men seems to be a key part of our "interrogation" techniques, so, since, sexually humiliating men and women, torturing women and children, suffocating men, or urinating on them, or dressing them up in garb wired to electric connections, are all fair game, I mean why not flushing a holy Koran down the toilet? Doesn't seem to be a big stretch.

Anyway... the story will not so much be about the underlying offense, or even the deaths from rioting in Pakistan and Afghanistan in response to the reporting, as, of course, the reporting itself. Since it embarassed the Bush Administration and/or policy, someone will have to pay. Look for a couple of people to be fired from Newsweek, and order will be restored to the universe, at least here.

One of these days, we may just be in for a rude awakening as to what people in the Islamic world think of how we conduct ourselves... Oh wait. I keep forgetting that 9-11 changed everything.



Newsweek's backdown is only being done on the basis of good journalism, because their sources backed off of confirming, but the fact is that the story is not new and has been reported in many places and with many sources for years. I believe the story is true, but the horsecrap about Newsweek causing 16 or 17 people to die in riots is just nonsense.

The Horse Fluffer's administration is desperately trying to outrun its own stink by saying, "Hey, they stink," but they don't stink much at all, while the Horse Fluffer and his co-conspirators have, deliberately and knowing what they were doing, have caused the deaths of, at a minimum, tens of thousands of people, and all for lies.

Posted by G. D. Frogsdong at May 17, 2005 4:09 PM

A book like the Koran, Qu'ron, Kanoogie, etc. (depending on how the illiterate Muslim world spells it at the time; I mean really, how many friggin' versions of Mohammed can there be?) that inspired such eternally shameful acts that occured on September 11th, is not fit to be flushed down a toilet, where it might offend the Charmin.

And by the way, when did the Muslim world apologize for September 11th? Pakistan (current harborer of Osama) has a lot of nerve demanding an apology from the United States
And in closing, flushing the Karunky down the toilet does not bother me.
Does your conscience bother you?

Posted by Fahrenheit 451 at May 17, 2005 8:48 PM

One pretty much can't count on the MSM (convenient shorthand on the Right Wing Echo Blogs for "Main Stream Media") to get anything right.

Newsweek, as far as I can tell, did some things right. They had a source who was standing by his/her statements at first. As soon as that source backed off, Newsweek did.

Spin. The world is nothing but spin.

Posted by Dean at May 18, 2005 11:02 AM

The facts do come out eventually. What actually happened was that Newsweek's source still claims to have seen a report that the Koran was put into a toilet (the "flushed" part makes no sense, in a literal sense), but is uncertain of exactly where he saw the report. That is it. That's the whole controversy.

Hey, and why aren't we attacking Pakistan? Whenever some terrorist gets captured, he gets a captured in Pakistan. Apparently that, and not Iraq as lied abo...claimed by the administration, is where the terrorists hang out.

Oh, that's right. They're our pals. And they have nukes. That's good, because we enocurage our enemies to get nukes too so they can be our friends too.

I also have no trouble with giving the Koran a swirly, but then I feel the same way about the New Testament, the Old Testament, and most of the neo-con supporters.

Posted by G. D. Frogsdong at May 18, 2005 2:16 PM

GD, what can you say but "Gee, those initials sure fit." Make sure you bring a couple of hams and steaks with you upon your demise to roast in the fires of hell. It's tough when the only thing crackling is you.

Posted by Fahrenheit 451 at May 18, 2005 6:13 PM

One of these days, we may just be in for a rude awakening as to what people in the Islamic world think of how we conduct ourselves.

We already know what they think.

Posted by Lawrence at May 19, 2005 1:48 AM

I believe Frogsdong only flatters himself as to what part of the frog's anatomy he represents.

Posted by G. Hodiyadu at May 19, 2005 2:40 PM

I entered "talking dong" on my keyboard and got this. What gives?

Posted by Spoozer at May 20, 2005 6:25 PM

This site is where all the dongs hang out.

Posted by G. Hodiyadu at May 20, 2005 8:30 PM

Hey TD, I just got my own exclusive interview with Deep Throat. Here are some excerpts:

Gene Alfrezko: We all admire sir what you did for this country. Are you amazed that those two Washington Post guys kept their mouths shut all these years?
Deep Throat: No, George H.W. Bush told me to do it, so I knew that there would be no repurcusions. Both Bernstein and Woodward were warned. That's why the Press kowtows today to W, they know from the past dealings with his dad of the results of "loose lips."

Alfrezko: Were you ever upset that the moniker "Deep Throat" was used for you?
Throat: No, actually I got that nickname from J. Edgar.

Check out my blog for the rest of the interview.

Posted by Gene Alfrezko at May 31, 2005 9:17 PM

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