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July 18, 2005, We will sell no wine before its time

Many thanks to Steve, a/k/a the Linkmeister for pointing out that I seem to have left my comments off, in the face of what I considered a personal attack so inappropriate as to warrant serious consideration of ending comments altogether.

Well... hopefully, comments are back now... so give it a shot...

Anyway, quick note, care of the Jerusalem Post on the love-fest associated with new Iraqi PM Ibrahim Jaafari's visit to our good buddies in... Tehran... As the article notes, Iran is largely responsible for an awful lot of terrorism and sabotage within Iraq these days, so... well, I guess "appeasement" comes to mind as a word... Just one of the many unintended consequences of our intervention in Iraq: unleashing the forces of democracy may well lead to a form of Shia irredentism (or at least, closer relations between Tehran and Baghdad).
Who'd have thunk it?


Ok, the usual comment box is here. I can just hear GWB and Cheney gnashing their teeth about this development.

The comment box for the previous post is still black. What I wanted to say was "do you know anything aout the 4th Circuit and its leanings?"

Posted by Linkmeister at July 18, 2005 10:42 PM

Violence is the last resort of the incompitent. Asimov, long time ago.

Posted by Thomas Ware at July 18, 2005 11:27 PM

Glad you are still accepting comments. Can't imagine what anyone would have written about you to cause you to close comments, but there are plenty of jerks around. I haven't been coming around here as much as I should. Such a nice blog. Always intelligent here.

Posted by G. D. Frogsdong at July 19, 2005 12:54 PM

Yeah. Don't close comments, because if you do that, The Terrorists Have Won. And you don't want that, do you?

or at least, closer relations between Tehran and Baghdad). Who'd have thunk it?

Other than most thinking people who know a lot about the region, you mean?

Iraq has been a sort of high-speed Vietnam. I don't know when we'll reach the helicopters-on-the-roof stage, but the thing was so ill-conceived, and has been so colossally fucked-up that it seems pretty much inevitable.

When we do reach that stage, an Iran-style Islamic 'republic' is the likely outcome, with Iran holding great influence in Iraq.

A lot of people will be dead, and we'll be worse off than we were before.

Posted by Dean at July 20, 2005 3:51 PM