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October 3, 2005, Smart. Very smart.

We'll start with this take from the Grey Lady, offering the premise that with the ascendance of Chief Justice Roberts and the probable ascendance of Associate Justice Miers, Roe v. Wade may as well already be reversed... so its time to think ahead to chemical alternative means of abortion, which have the virtue of lining the coffers of major pharmaceutical companies (and hence, still reflecting actual American "moral values.") One such drug is misoprostol market by Pfizer as Cyotec, which, evidently, is already used extensively in Brazil, and by poor and immigrant women here, to induce abortion; it has a slightly higher "success" rate when used in conjunction with RU-486, the "morning after" pill. Alas, wealthier women will still have the option of regular surgical abortion, though presumably widely illegal, because most Americans continue to favor exceptions to an absolute ban on abortions for cases of "rape, incest, life of mother, and me." So... there you go.

Frankly, I would submit that Roberts and Miers (I'm going to assume confirmation, as Harry Reid has given her his blessing) are less likely to reverse Roe than you would think... if they did, the thought of white women doing perp walks for abortion will not fly politically; abortion would quickly become the kind of albatross for Republicans that it has been for Democrats. In short: don't look for corporatists Roberts and Miers to throw a bone to the religio-fascists on this. They probably won't.

And since we're on "moral values"... man, is this week just getting better, or what, as Tom DeLay gets a second Texas grand jury indictment, this for money laundering. DeLay complained incessantly about the first indictment, so Travis County DA Ronnie Earle gave him a new and improved indictment. Tom hasn't learned to be careful of what he asks for... nope, he hasn't...

That's the sort of thing a "moral values" proponent ought to know how to do...


What happened to the first indictment, TD?

Posted by Haws at October 5, 2005 7:37 PM