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January 11, 2006, Shorter Samuel Alito, Jr.

You could read this long description of today's testimony in the Washington Post, or you can have this Shorter Sam Alito: "You all can kiss my ass before I tell you anything that might be construed as remotely committal on how I'll rule on an abortion case (like you don't know how I'll rule already), and I see that none of you dipshits (especially you Biden) seem the least bit interested in the fact that I never met a government abuse I didn't like."

Or you could read this from the Rude Pundit (please don't read the second paragraph while consuming any liquids.)

Bonus: It was so nice to see Lindsey Graham demanding civility (especially when Mrs. Alito decided to have a crying fit)... particularly given the senator's sensitivity to the human condition in general as shown by his recent bill denying habeas corpus to detainees that has proudly brought America to the forefront of Western Law, proudly reversing that awful thing King John signed back at Runnymede in 1215... come to think of it... Sam Alito doesn't like it much, either.



You're citing the English for the observance of habeus corpus? Get your head out of your Diplock.
And you must be very proud of the Great Liberal Peace Train...derailed once again, by a woman's tears.
What diabolical act will the Cheney crowd come up with for the next Supreme appointee? There's still three more years. Oh wait, the Democrats are going to take back Congress this November. Never mind.

Posted by Still Crabby After All These Years at January 12, 2006 8:42 PM