The Talking Dog

June 13, 2006, There's no business like show business

The Newsrack blog gives us a snippet of an interview with Major Thomas Fleener, the military attorney thrust on Gitmo Commission defendant Al-Bahlul who'd prefer to represent himself; Major Fleener (rightly) argues that the Gitmo military commissions amount to little more than show trials. The Bush Administration, rather than try to formulate anything approaching, oh, fairness in the military commission process, says it will wait for the Supreme Court to tell it what to do. (I guess that's just professional courtesy to a body without whom there might not be a Bush Administration, one supposes.)

Scroll down a bit for another Newsrack item (or just look here) where Newsrack asks the relevant question: if these were "the worst of the worst, why was one of the now dead detainees scheduled for release?"

Yeah, funny that. Unless you think about it, of course.