The Talking Dog

June 15, 2006, The Secretary has Spoken: You're off the island

That island would be Cuba, specifically the United States' 40-square mile tropical enclave (and naval air station) at Guantanamo Bay, and those voted off by SecDef Rumsfeld are reporters from the Miami Herald, L.A. Times and Charlotte Observer (the latter of whom thought he could report on the base commander's briefing in response to the recent detainee suicides.)

Despite my own paltry efforts to draw some attention to the Gitmo situation which have gone, by and large, unheeded (this is, after all, a hobby), it seems that the only things that get play down there are either a Supreme Court case... or some blood.

As the world's criticism of Gitmo steps up, as possible Supreme Court criticism (or worse) looms in less than a month, as detainees have finally managed to kill themselves...

Let's just say that the last thing we need down there is a free press that might actually report what's going on. So let's get them the hell out of there, lest they actually report anything. All hail the Secretary. He knows best. It's about time the rest of us realized that.