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February 27, 2007, Autopilot blogging...

Super Dave Johnson treats us to this daring counter-attack against the standard issue right wing echo chamber assault that (get this!) Al Gore has high electric bills! Well, he probably has a big house, and a lot of kids... oh, and that green energy option tends to cost more than standard electricity... but, goes the charge picked up by the usual suspect... "Al Gore is a hypocrite". If that's right wing code for "saint" and "hero", then, yes he is. The intent is obvious: to scare Gore off from actually running, because the right wing is deathly afraid of him.
They know how vulnerable they are: their front runner is St. Rudy, who can easily be taken down simply by enough 9-11 families pointing out that his arrogant siting of an emergency response center in the World Trade Center, already a well-established terrorist target, coupled with ignoring the advice on modern communcations systems that would have better coordinated a rescue effort, probably got a lot of people killed unnecessarily on that famous September morning. Indeed, while claiming hero status, all Rudy actually did WAS APPEAR ON T.V. (and that only because the then Republican President peed in his pants and went on an Air Force One joy ride). In short... Rudy is susceptible to his own swift-boating... and unlike the original Swift Boat Veterans for Truth... Rudy's takedown WOULD ALL BE TRUE!

So... Al Gore held off announcing at the Oscars...

Maybe he'll announce later this year when he wins a Nobel Prize. BTW... notice that Al Gore was prepared to fire back at the bogus charges... He's ready for the swift-boating... and he hasn't even officially announced... John Edwards could learn a thing or two... speaking of which...

Super Lindsay Beyerstein (our friend and neighbor) lets us in on a little secret: she was asked to be the Edwards' campaign blogger before Amanda and Shakes, but turned him down.

In other news, following a massive sell-off in the Chinese stock market, the U.S. stock market tanked to the tune of over 400 points in the Dow Jones Industrial Average... who knows what would have happened had the Taliban pulled off what they claim to have been an assassination attempt on Dick Cheney . Cheney was (insanely) visiting Aghanistan in the middle of a war when a a suicide bomber killed at least 23 at the gate of an air base around a mile from where Cheney was.

Dick Cheney's February adventures really can't be good for his heart, whether it was nearly blowing away his friend Harry last year (while placing himself in a remote area with civilians armed with firearms and stoked with alcohol)... or this year, placing himself quite literally in a war zone.

This has been... autopilot blogging...


Would anyone be surprised if more effort was spent looking into those American individuals who expressed disappointment in written form that the bomber didn't get Cheney, as opposed to those actually involved in the bombing?

Posted by Just Wondering at March 1, 2007 8:24 AM

What pisses me off about the Edwards campaign choice of Amanda (Melissa wasn't hired as a blogger but as "netroots coordinator", which means "someone who has a lot of contacts"). Yet again it is all about A-List players. Nobody has the guts or the sense to pluck a talented blogger from obscurity and put that person in charge of a big-time campaign blog. The lack of imagination and courage is very discouraging.

Posted by DBK at March 1, 2007 10:19 AM

Whenever I think of GW's joy ride I think of that carnival game "wack a mole". The moles head keeps popping up and you take the hammer, pound it down and it pops up somewhere else... There he was popping up all over the country...with a goofy shit-eating grin on his face.

Posted by hcg at March 1, 2007 8:45 PM

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Posted by verywell at March 14, 2007 4:35 AM