The Talking Dog

June 2, 2007, Sad news

Not much to add to what Julia, and Patrick, or especially what Kevin, and most of the known-liberal-blog-world has already had to say about the untimely loss of Steve Gilliard, who passed away at 41.

Familia TD met Steve at a number of gatherings of the Sinister Barbecue Cabal. Steve was always a friendly guy, and knew his s***, whatever the subject at hand... and he was also a humble guy, who, despite the success he had with his blog, eschewed things like awards. I'm glad to see that his net was cast wide, and tributes to him have come from a huge number of quarters. I'm sorry I didn't get to know him better.

The man was a mensch. He'll be missed. Our sympathies go out to Steve's loved ones, his family, and to Jen, his partner in bloggering. R.I.P., Steve.

Update: More eloquent tributes to Steve... from Jill, from Jane, and Mad (who includes an audio-link to a talk with Steve himself).