The Talking Dog

June 5, 2007, Adjust your tinfoil bonnets...

Because... after an almost inconceivable thirty month blog hiatus, one of the most original blogs in the sphere (and, btw, one of the all-time TD faves) Granny Rant... is... back!

Granny comes to us from her undisclosed location somewhere in rural Tennessee... and Granny treats us to a wake-up call to consciousness... Whether railing on matters of science, religion, politics, or the infinite variety of (only seemingly crackpot) conspiracy theories, from our seemingly almost "done deal" North American Union to chemtrails to Area 51... Gran is on a rant... and Gran is on it, and putting it in the context of our modern world, where our "leaders" use the misdirection offered by razzle dazzle and bread and circuses to keep us off-balance while they pursue their own usually sinister agenda... it's not about whether you're paranoid... it's about whether you're paranoid enough. OF COURSE SHE'S ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVES! (Indeed, in Granny's Dog Run entry, Granny is designated "Great Dane", I having by then retired the "top dog" designation, to which Granny is most entitled).

I, for one, welcome our new ant overlords Granny back to the realm of active blogging! You go, girl!


Holy Catters ... now the pressure is on and Granny will indeed have to rant.

Thanks for the welcome home, TD.


Posted by Granny at June 6, 2007 12:49 AM