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October 26, 2007, Birthday wishes

It's happy 60th to our next President, my state's senator, Mrs. Hillary Clinton. (I thought it was her 59th; I forgot the year that the sun went dark, the rivers ran blood, the locusts invaded, etc.). My birthday wish for Mrs. C is that she silence her critics by pointing out that, unfortunately, all the pictures of her having sex with Janet Reno over Vince Foster's body in the cabin of the black helicopter were accidentally burned up by Bill while he wasn't inhaling.

As to my own birthday wishes (I turn 45 today), besides peace on Earth, and for a speedy recovery to at least two TD loved ones who are under the weather,
I wish all of you would take the action set forth here, for Candace's client Mr. Al-Ghizzawi, now the subject of an international Amnesty International all points alert.

That is all.


Happy birthday, youngun'!

Posted by maha at October 30, 2007 7:39 AM