The Talking Dog

February 17, 2008, Vox Parvi Populi

Daddy has said that as long as traffic from the bubblegum set keeps showing up here just to look at pictures of their favorite teeny-bopper heroes, I can keep writing this feature on Sundays. (He also says I am obliged to link to his weekly Sunday American Street post, this week's being "It's legal because the Spanish Inquisition was worse!")

Enough about Daddy. Now let's talk about Vanessa. I don't like her that much. Of course, because of that, I don't have too much to say about her. I wonder what Zac sees in her. Then again, I don't care too much, because I don't like him very much either. (Daddy, of course, is delighted that I keep mentioning their names-- though he points out I need to say "Zac EFRON" and "Vanessa HUDGENS" to really get those hits coming. What is he TALKING about?)

This has been "Vox Parvi Populi".