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June 12, 2009, Bermuda [edition of the] Onion

Amidst talk that the [chicken-sh*t] Obama Administration [catering to a chicken sh*t morally bankrupt nation, that kidnaps men, tortures them, holds them for years in a dungeon, and then, when its government has long given up trying to prove these men did anything wrong or are any kind of a threat, instead resorts to crass demonization, fights off, ignores and then appeals a court order granting a habeas corpus writ directing their supervised release within the United States] would transfer the GTMO Chinese national Uighurs to the reliable American vassal independent Pacific island nation of Palau, as Andy tells is in Huffpost, is instead transferring four of them to Bermuda. Much harumphing from Britain of course, who insists that its dependency in Bermuda "didn't consult" about this, which will doubtless piss China off, yada yada yada. As Andy notes, that's about deniability- credible or otherwise.

Well, good luck to the released prisoners, I guess (bringing the total to 6 in the Obama era). If we won't do the right thing, at least someone will, I guess.

Oh... did I mention that the Supreme Court is meeting June 25th to consider taking that little appeal I mentioned above? Probably all just a coincidence...

Update: The trickle continues, as Andy reports that child prisoner Mohammad el-Gharani has been returned to Chad, bringing the GTMO score under Obama to 7 released, 1 dead, 233 not out.


When Obama first hit the news, I thought great another lying sleazeball Illinois politician. Then he got elected President.
Today I think Obama is really and truly another lying sleazeball Illinois politician.
The difference now is that I want to impeach him. War crimes would be first choice because it is so simple to prove.
Joe Biden may not be MY first choice for president but he would beat the hell out of Obama right now for me at least.

Posted by less is more at June 13, 2009 7:00 AM