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June 25, 2009, The end of days

Ed McMahon died earlier in the week well into his 80's; he had a helluva life, as the tandem member of perhaps the perfect dual straight man opposite Carson's straight man, and... all the other stuff.

But I just don't remember a day like this, where Farrah Fawcett died well before her time at only 62 after a struggle with cancer... but like a bolt from the blue, actor Jeff Goldblum fell from a cliff in New Zealand to his death at only 56, and the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, died of some sort of cardiac arrest at only 50. All one can say is... whiskey tango foxtrot? Well, two out of three anyway, as it appears, Goldblum isn't actually dead. Just what happens when it's the end of days.

And it's not that our country's obsession with the war on drugs resulted in strip-searching a thirteen year old girl: what's significant of "end of days" is that the U.S. Supreme Court, by an 8-1 margin, would find that it's actually an unconstitutional search. Obviously, the right result: a protection of civil rights of a powerless individual, in the era of the Roberts Court? End of days...

A Southern cracker governor who got cheers from his own party for suggesting the poorer (darker skinned) citizens of his state can screw themselves rather than see him take federal stimulus money, has now, after one iddy biddy affair in Argentina that required him to be AWOL from his duties for nearly a week while lying about being on a hike on the Appalachian trail... reached the point where several politicians are calling for his resignation. Crying in Argentina... or perhaps The Crying Game... stick around, as the mystery unfolds...

And we could be watching the beginnings of the end of days the regime in... Iran, as protests continued, near the parliament, even as the Ahmadinedjad/Khamanei regime continues defiantly on...

On a lighter note, I give you the New York State Senate... if it weren't responsible for legislation in my own state, it would be absolutely hilarious... except it isn't.


Your state is a joke. Fortunately California is far in the lead on stupidity. Why don't your just switch legislators and see what happens?

Posted by Get real at June 26, 2009 4:30 AM