The Talking Dog

December 28, 2011, Semper paratus

One of the defining taglines of my home state's lottery advertising is "Hey, you never know!" Recently, they've gone to "Are you ready?" While I have met two lottery winners in my life (and the odds say that's all I'll meet!), preparedness is... good. And so, we give you this "Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution"."

Because... the revolution will not be televised... it will be live.

While some of you may think "this can't happen (here, anyway)"... it's already happening. I note that one evening you might find a vibrant unincorporated municipality across the street from your office... young people utterly non-violent, seemingly diorganized, merely trying to shame money and financial oligarchs... and just a few hours later, you find an otherwise empty seemingly pristine private park crawling with security guards with the not-so-subtle whiff of tear gas and pepper spray in the air...

Just saying.