The Talking Dog

February 29, 2012, Time marches on

And so we come to a once-quadrennial event, February 29th. I spent the early part of it convalescing in a big city emergency room, following up on an ailment that has plagued me much of this month; to my immense relief (and that of TD-Mom, who stayed with me, Mrs. TD and the Pup, and the rest of TD Famiglia... and hopefully, but not necessarily, TD World), I'm told that things are improving, and neither a multi-day hospital stay (as happened a fortnight or so ago) nor surgery is required. At least for now. And so, as I approach my 50th in about 8 months time... I guess this is the sort of thing I should get used to-- periodic strange medical maladies. But I digress.

Or do I? Because as sick as I feel (and although I'm pleased to be recovering, I do have some pain), I still seem to be healthier than our macro, be it issues environmental, economic, war and peace, civil liberties or you name it. As I quipped to a hospital technician (who suggested that Romney won Michigan...) I counter-suggested that perhaps in a few days, Santorum will have actually won it by 32 votes... but in any event, the whole thing is merely An Entertainment. It certainly matters not ultimately which Vassal-of-Goldman-Sachs occupies the Presidency, or which of "the two parties" controls the Congressional branch of our Strumpetocracy (a brilliant term I recently heard somewhere). So... I'm just not going to play that. As I suggest to you all... go about your own business. Don't get worked up about thinking there is any difference at all (and I mean AT ALL) about "who wins elections" in this country [or much of the world].

Just take care of yourself... and maybe you won't have to spend the evening in the ER... just saying.

And so... there we are.