The Talking Dog

October 27, 2016, Pussy-gate indeed?

The Grey Lady treats us to a snapshot of Trump supporters in rock-ribbed right-wing Colorado Springs who suggest that they expect an insurrection if Hillary Clinton wins the election, and, despite often being gun owners... don't think they'll be part of said insurrection... indeed, as Kevin Drum notes, saying they themselves definitively won't do anything.

Anyway... that tends to be my ultimate view of the significance of the bipartisan fear-mongering surrounding what the other side will do should the election not go their way... that being... not much. A peaceful transition of power, simply by default. The biggest wahoo Trump supporters tend to be people with something to lose, such as their suburban lifestyles... yes, rumors of "the downtrodden working man" being the quintessential Trump supporter are a tad exaggerated: Trump supporters tend to have a higher income than the national average.

The revolution will not be televised. It won't be live either. It just won't be.