The Talking Dog

November 27, 2016, And the hits keep coming

Today's post-Trump-election happy-gram comes to us from California, where a number of mosques received evidently threatening letters hearkening to do to Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews, and praising notional leader Donald "Herr Drumpf" Trump. Wow, And this from Daily Beast , citing The Emperor's New Clothes, notes that a feckless media is already falling over itself to normalize Trump-ism.

When/if the "Muslim Registry" gets going, I, and, I hope, my family and everyone I know (including, well, you) will register as well, whether you self-identify as Muslim or not. Evil cannot be cooperated with; like the Danes who all donned yellow stars during the Nazi occupation, resistance is not futile.

Our nation has decided to express its pique towards a haughty and unresponsive Establishment in a uniquely self-destructive way... we as individuals (the majority of whom who voted, voted against this)... simply do not have to cooperate.

Herr Drumpf himself, of course, does not (and apparently never did) follow the rules of polite and civilized society (while he perhaps, but not necessarily, violates written laws); there is a huge chasm between actual law-breaking and simply not cooperating. In this case, I suggest we follow Il Douché's example, and show him just how much fun it will be to govern a populace that has no interest in cooperating in its "governance."