The Talking Dog

December 18, 2016, Keep the hate coming

Item: In Whitefish, Montana, White Supremacist Andrew Anglin of "The Daily Stormer"
called for "trolling" (whatever-the-f*** that means... but "no violence") against Jewish residents of that town
, in apparent retaliation for business difficulties allegedly suffered by one Sherry Spencer, mother of Anglin's fellow-White-Supremacist Richard Spencer; apparently, After a tirade calling Jews "a vicious evil race of hate-filled psychopaths" (project much, there, Mr. Anglin?), he decides to make it personal:

The post included photos, phone numbers, email address, and social media accounts of members of Love Lives Now, a peace organization “committed to co-creating a caring, open, accepting and diverse community, free from discrimination and dedicated to equal treatment,” which is smeared by Anglin as a “terrorist group.” The action also incorporated photos of a local real estate owner, her husband, and young sons, as well as addresses where people can find them.

Love Lives Here Chairman Will Randall told the Missoulian that the fallout has been “gut-wrenching.”

“These are some of the best people around, and to see them attacked because they’re Jewish or have a Jewish-sounding name is disgusting,” he said.

On Sunday morning, former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke lent his support to Anglin’s effort on Twitter.

If there's a protest rally to challenge this crap, please let me know... I'm there. Honestly, there are those who would argue that Mr. Trump's Jewish son-in-law and converted daughter are some kind of insulation against a severe rise of anti-semitism in this country.,.. let's just say that the actual evidence belies this. A group of men who ordinarily hide in the dark like cockroaches, such as Messrs. Anglin and Spencer, can now surface quite visibly as some kind of "legitimate political movement" only in conditions like the present; that is not good.

Item: Former Bush speechwriter David Frum notes the danger associated with the constant lies-- blatant, easily verifiable lies, but he does them anyway-- of Mr. Trump, such as his insistence that he won the popular vote (despite losing same by over 2.8 million votes)... and now, 52% of Republicans believe Trump actually won the popular vote!

Item: SecState designate Rex Tillerson is the long-time director of an Exxon-Russian joint venture, based in the Bahamas, with office addresses in Houston and in Russia, according to leaked documents. If his qualification is his Vlad P. coziness... doesn't this make him more qualified? Just asking...

Item: Attorney General Loretta Lynch tells ABC's Jake Tapper (him again) that her conversation over the summer with former President Bill Clinton was "painful," particularly as it called into quesiton the integrity of the Department of Justice. Good one, Loretta. The decision to go or not to go forward with a criminal prosecution rests with you, and not with that partisan whore James Comey... but it would seem that the man who most desperately wanted to throw this election to Donald Trump was not Vladimir Putin at all... it was none other than Bill Clinton. Tim "Because Mike Pence was already taken" Kane was Bill Clinton's choice which Hillary stupidly followed (rather than Bernie Sanders, or Elizabeth Warren, or Corey Booker, or Tom Perez... any of whom would have carried her to victory or at least generated more enthusiasm than she did along the way, i.e., zero). And back in 2008, he helped throw the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama by suggesting that Obama only won South Carolina for the same reason Jesse Jackson ran good campaigns there... because of the Black vote (peculiarly ironic given how Hillary ran her primary campaign this year.) And by his outrageously inappropriate forty-five minute meeting with Lynch, he forced Lynch to ostensibly recuse herself and turn to outsized reliance on partisan-whore-Comey, who used it to maximum effect. So go ahead and be "sorry" Loretta; you will likely be succeeded by uber-cracker Jeff Sessions... keepin' that "Obama legacy" goin'... Going where? Best not ask. Thanks again, Bill.

Item: On his "victory lap" (which he calls a "thank you tour") Mr. Trump shows no signs of offering conciliation to those who did not support him. Well, what did you expect from a man who shows so many signs of "narcissistic personality disorder" that a group of noted psychiatrists feebly begs lame-duck President Obama to "do something"? Damned if I know.